BioWare’s Anthem! When I look at Anthem the first thing that comes to mind is The Divison, or Destiny, with it’s loot system, and “open world” it feels really similar. The “little” bits of information below will give you a slight hope that this game will be one of the thing’s we have always wanted from BioWare, and EA didn’t put their grubby hands on … Continue reading Anthem

Fallout 76, Open World, Survival, Multiplayer, RPG

Let there be light, with nuclear explosions! Time to level the playing field. Literally. Bethesda is finally giving us what we have always wanted: a multiplayer Fallout. I know I’m not the only one who tried to download the multiplayer mod for Skyrim haha! That was a fail.    Fallout 76 is suppose to be 4 times the size of Fallout 4! I am going … Continue reading Fallout 76, Open World, Survival, Multiplayer, RPG